About Prastara

Prastara is a Chennai based charitable trust created with an initiative to identify, document, preserve and share the sources of cultural information with special regard to the History and Heritage , which are sliding into decline mostly as a result of contemporary mind-set and lack of awareness amongst the general public.

We also aim to inculcate in all members of society, an awareness of the history and tradition that is found in abundance around us in our daily lives. We hope to inspire people to develop a sense of ownership to the various representations of heritage and history around them.


  • Engagement with students & educational institutions towards creating awareness about cultural heritage of India.
  • Enable students from all backgrounds to access information related to History, Art & Culture.
  • Publications related to heritage management.
  • Promotion of urban & rural art forms.
  • Documentation of historically and culturally important materials.
  • Identify and champion environmental initiatives.
  • Exchange of resource and information with other institutions and individuals in the same field or otherwise.


Born in Sirkazhi, Tamil Nadu, S. Jayakumar is a performing classical musician trained at Kalakshetra Foundation, Chennai.

Jayakumar’s interest in the subject commenced with a journey on the footsteps of Vandhiya Thevan, the hero of the celebrated historical fiction, PonniyinSelvan by Kalki Krishnamurthi. Realising the threat to the cultural heritage of the country on seeing the dilapidated condition of the monuments en route, mostly on account of a lack of understanding about our past, he and a few other cultural and heritage enthusiasts formed Prastara (a traditional architectural term which refers to the roof of a structure) in 2010.

Nandha Sivabalan Thiyagarajan

Nandha Siva Balan is a Mechanical engineer by qualification, instrumentation engineer by profession working with Western Process Controls in Melbourne, Australia. He’s passionate about photography, tamil literature and south indian history, temple architecture and iconography. He’s been associated with prastara as an active member and contributor since its inception as an idea. He participates in various field trips providing his moral support and assistance to photo document temples. His key contribution was to have accompanied Prastara team in documenting Pallava cave temples in thondai mandalam in early 2014. He’s also been part of students’ heritage walks in Tanjore & Mamallapuram.

John Anand

Born and brought up in Tiruchirappalli. Having grown in a city of significant antiquity and having spent most of childhood times in the archaeologically important town of Uraiyur, had a natural inclination and appreciation towards ancient monuments. Though not literally qualified in history, his interest towards heritage, ancient architecture made him visit many places and naturally started taking efforts in extending a hand towards its conservation and awareness creation.

He holds a Diploma in Civil Engineering. By profession he is a computer hardware engineer, working with Dell Inc. His hobbies are photography, hiking and scuba diving. In future, using his Scuba diving expertise, he aspires to explore the coast of Tamilnadu in search for submerged archeologically important monuments. Of course, with a lot of help.

A.C.Jothi vel moorthy

Born and brought up in Vandavasi, Tamilnadu Jothi Vel Moorthy A.C, strongly believes that by creating awareness about protecting the historical monuments and documentations the knowledge of our heritage is handed over to the next generation.

His interest towards heritage, ancient architecture prompted him to travel across India to document art forms and historical sites. He holds a degree in Computer Science Engineering and runs his own software consulting firm in Chennai. He is a passionate traveler having extensively traveled across the length and breadth of the country.

Rajinikandh ARS

Rajini is personally moved by the Mahabalipuram Monuments, Temples in Kancheepuram & Tanjore and Forts in Rajasthan. An ardent fan of landscapes and architectures, he started capturing the man made wonders through his lens so that its importance can be reached out to more people.

Born in Pollachi, completed his law degree at Coimbatore and works with Vodafone India as Manager – Legal at Chennai. His strong love for Mother Nature made him scale up various mountains across the country including Himalayas. He runs Marathons and taken up scuba diving recently.