Prastara is a Chennai based charitable trust created with an initiative to identify, document, preserve and share the sources of cultural information with special regard to the History and Heritage , which are sliding into decline mostly as a result of contemporary mind-set and lack of awareness amongst the general public.

We also aim to inculcate in all members of society, an awareness of the history and tradition that is found in abundance around us in our daily lives. We hope to inspire people to develop a sense of ownership to the various representations of heritage and history around them.


Engagement with students & educational institutions towards creating awareness about cultural heritage of India. Enable students from all backgrounds to access information related to History, Art & Culture.
Publications related to heritage management.
Promotion of urban & rural art forms.
Documentation of historically and culturally important materials.
Identify and champion environmental initiatives.
Exchange of resource and information with other institutions and individuals in the same field or otherwise.